British Airways Student Airfares


British Airways (BA), First Great Western (FGW) and Heathrow Express (HEX) are working together to offer PriceBreaker a facility to make integrated bookings which will include the passenger's entire journey from the FGW network all the way to their final BA flight destination and back. As well as the BA flights, the new facility will include the train service from one of the FGW train stations into Paddington station and the connecting journey onto Heathrow on HEX in one simple transaction, making both the booking and travel process seamless and convenient for passengers.

Penzance   Bristol Parkway   Plymouth   St. Austell   Bristol Temple Meads   Cardiff   Exeter   Bath   Oxford   Swansea     

2 pieces luggage allowance up to 23kg each
Ticket validity last for one year
Special companion fares when travelling together on outbound flight
Up to TWO free stopovers allowed at each direction*

DESTINATIONS* (Fares + Taxes)
United Kingdom   
United States of America

London ✈ fr $1,275

New York ✈ fr $1,510

Edinburgh ✈ fr $1,381

Boston ✈ fr $1,510

Manchester ✈ fr $1,256

Philadelphia ✈ fr $1,510

Newcastle ✈ fr $1,243

Houston ✈ fr $1,615

Glasgow ✈ fr $1,243

Washington D.C ✈ fr $1,510

Leeds ✈ fr $1,256

Orlando ✈ fr $1,492

Belfast ✈ fr $1,394

Miami ✈ fr $1,510

Jersey ✈ fr $1,287

Tampa ✈ fr $1,492

Austin ✈ fr $1,615


Dallas ✈ fr $1,615

* Fares include taxes and fuel surcharges and subject to seat availability. Up to two free stopovers allowed for each direction only apply for flights to UK.



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