Business travel means different things to different companies. Furthermore, not all international travel is created equal as some destinations or origins require complex understanding of fare rules, tariff requirements and the experience to anticipate the unexpected.

First and foremost, we listen to you to understand your organization’s dynamics and business objectives. We then provide customized solutions to help meet your goals in terms of travel budget management, accounts consolidation, implant operations, customized reporting, and/or travel policy implementation and enforcement.

At PriceBreaker Corporate, our ethos to business travel is simple but methodical.

Quality Advice

In today’s travel environment, much things can go wrong. A missing seat assignment is not just an inconvenience; it could subject your travelers to be denied boarding and/or cause a missed meeting or appointment.

As travel becomes more complex, we recognize the key to good travel management is quality advice. Our consultants are trained to search for the best routings, most competitive prices, and to provide suggestions on alternative options.

Our consultants are all experienced personnel with IATA/UFTAA qualifications, and most have more than 8 years of corporate ticketing experience.

Integrated Service & Support

We have an experienced team that ensures our relationship with clients are managed throughout the term. Starting from our Sales team that will understand your needs and propose a suitable travel program, our Operations team will then assist you to get the best possible fares, and ensure that your travel plan is smooth and seamless.

Our Client Services team adds further value by conducting regular service reviews with our clients to present analysis and information on the travel program’s performance, as well as to share updates and latest trends in the travel industry.


We invest in technology for both front and back-end travel solutions, e.g. online booking tool, mobile app, auto-ticketing express, email management and live chat solutions, auto-call distribution system, reporting analytics etc.

Global Network

We are the Singapore partner of ATG network, a global team of leading travel management companies working together to provide exceptional travel services for global clients. With a long history in travel management and consulting, ATG is dedicated to redefine the business travel game with its best-in-class solutions and cutting edge technology.

If you are a multi-national corporation looking for an integrated cross-border travel management company, PriceBreaker Corporate as part of the ATG global network is able to support you in over 65 countries with global account management, data analysis and supplier programs for all your travel requirements.

Crisis Management Support

Travelling for business is no longer just getting to the destination via the best way at the most competitive rates. It is now a must to include Duty-of-Care consideration in all travel programs; knowing where your employees are overseas, how to communicate with and support them in the event of a crisis.

Whenever a crisis occurs affecting travel, PriceBreaker Corporate is able to quickly identify the list of travelers at the affected destination as well as those scheduled to travel there.

We will then attempt to contact the affected traveler(s) via all ways possible, i.e. mobile, messaging, email, in order to establish the well-being of your employee and determine the next course of action required. Whenever required, we will assist to arrange alternative travel arrangements to bring the affected traveler(s) back to Singapore or away from the affected location.

This crisis management support is provided round the clock, and our client’s travel program administrator are kept in the communication loop throughout the process so that you can be assured of your employees’ well-being at all times.

Travel Alerts

All our clients will receive regular email travel alerts on events happening all over the world, including transportation or weather disruptions, civil unrest, terrorism, labor strikes or any events that may impact travel. This enables forward planning and better risk management for your business travel plans.

24 Hours Support

Whenever and wherever your travelers are, there’s always a PriceBreaker Corporate consultant on call to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is peace of mind.

PriceBreaker Group is a specialist in group travel. We can provide tailor made itineraries and quotations to meet clients' specific requirements and budget for 10 or more people traveling.

Our Services

  • Venue sourcing and site inspection
  • Provide registration, hospitality desks and other ground arrangements
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transfers and transportation
  • Meals arrangement
  • Sightseeing (with or without entrance to attractions)

Meeting Needs

  • Advise purpose of the trip
  • Determine the group interest: Cultural, religious, shopping, art and history and etc
  • Make a list of attractions or places that the group want to visit


  • Destination - Select a destination of interest to your group.
  • Travel Dates - Travel during low season can save on airfare and hotel accommodation.
  • Services – Hotel type, meals, activities, tour leader etc.
  • Budget

Share with us your preference, and let us do the planning for your group travel.

Our contacts:

Our Tips

Hotel Category & Location
The category and location of the hotel can affect the price of the package. Instead of staying in the city centre, a decent 4-star hotel, located just outside the city centre can really help in the budget.

Breakfast – Europe hotels usually include a standard continental breakfast which consists of coffee, tea, juices, bread, butter and Jam. Whereas Asia and America hotels usually include buffet breakfast.

Lunch – Depending on tour itinerary. Usually not included for sightseeing, to give the group opportunity to grab a quick bite while shopping and exploring on their own.

Dinner – Selective, isn’t always necessary, depending on budget and tour itinerary. Individual has an option to explore the varieties of dinner on their own. This can be a nice break for everyone, especially after traveling in a group for many days.

Activities and Leisure Time
Interested in sightseeing? We make the arrangement, you relax and enjoy the hassle free leisure time. Or be adventurous and explore on your own.

Accolade Events (previously known as PriceBreaker Meeting, Incentive, and Events), established with the belief that people and corporations are always looking for unique, immersive and intrepid travel experiences that deliver a true sense of achievement.

Be it a 10 people gourmet experience in Paris, a 500 people business meeting in Bangkok or a 50 people leisure trip in Osaka, our team at Accolade Events will make it happen. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Destination and venue sourcing
  • Onsite events management and logistical support
  • Groups or FIT transportation or transfer arrangements
  • Activities and entertainment procurement and coordination
  • Marketing collaterals, e.g. audio/visual, badges, branding signage

Our key strengths are:

  • Bespoke Itineraries – We build and customize an itinerary for you; not off-the-shelf tour packages.
  • Ideas Anytime – Get your event inspirations from us.
  • Speedy Quotation – With our wide network of destination contacts built up over the years, we are able to offer you a quick cost estimation for all your events.
  • Competitive Pricing – We pride ourselves being able to offer very competitive rates in the market from air fares, to hotels and transfers simply because we negotiate everything for you!

Our team has earned the accolade of providing travel-related services to large delegations, including the planning, coordinating and operating of SAF groups to overseas destinations. Our team’s track record also includes being the official travel agent for the Asian Aerospace Show, Singapore Airshow and IMDEX Asia.

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with clients and the positive testimonials received. Some of the clients we have worked with in recent years are:

  • Manulife – incentive trips to China and Thailand
  • Ministry of Manpower – conference in Indonesia
  • Epson Singapore – meeting in Japan
  • National University of Singapore – meeting in Indonesia

Our contacts:

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