MSC Cruises is a Swiss-based privately-owned cruise line, focusing on the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Seasonal itineraries include northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, Southern Africa, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India. The line operates a fleet of 15 ships.


The MSC Cruises experience embodies the elegant side of the Mediterranean to create unique and unforgettable emotions for guests, through discovery of the world’s cultures, beauties and tastes. MSC Cruises translates its passion for the sea into a commitment to excellence in hospitality, professionalism, dedication and mastery of every single detail to ensure the complete happiness and satisfaction of each and every guest.

A centuries-old relationship with the sea

Having a history is a privilege. While others need to invent theirs, MSC has a true story to tell. It begins more than 300 years ago, with the seafaring Aponte family from Sorrento in Italy. Building on the experience and expertise gained over the centuries, this family of ship owners and captains went on to create MSC Cruises, now the largest privately owned cruise company in the world.

Cruise Destinations

Caribbean, Cuba And The Antulles Cruises

A dream location. There is no doubt that the Caribbean has always been one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations in the world, a dream for every tourist looking to relax in magnificent settings surrounded by long stretches of white sandy beaches, palm trees, exotic fruit, the coral reef, bustling with multi-coloured tropical fish and a turquoise sea.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi & India

Suspended between future and tradition. The destination evokes oriental fascination, landscapes set between the turquoise sea and the warm sands of the desert, and the ubiquitous colors of South India that radiate with a life of their own.


The most beautiful open air museum. Cruising the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises means coming within reach of the best in culture, tradition and monuments that have for centuries enriched its shores. This cruise offers the opportunity to visit and learn about countries and peoples facing this sea and their millenary history just like ancient mariners did as they sailed from Italy to the Greek Islands.

Northern Europe

The charm of the great North. From the British Isles to Scandinavia, via the Baltic States and Russia, this is an extraordinary MSC Cruise voyage that propose interesting and unusual itineraries to explore some of the most remote and uncontaminated areas of the planet, where nature flaunts all of its splendour.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Ocean Cay, a Unique Island. A cruise to the Caribbean on an MSC cruise ship will take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located in the same part of the Atlantic that washes the beaches of Florida’s Malibu and Miami, the Bimini are a group of islands belonging to the Bahamas. MSC Cruises has helped this country set up an environmental paradise and an exclusive spot for vacationing in harmony with nature in one of its most astonishing locations: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

South Africa

A journey of a thousand souls. A land of contrasts, the southernmost part of Africa offers a travel experience which is one of a kind, where nature reigns with its breath-taking landscapes, from volcanoes to giant reefs of smooth, dark granite rock, soft skies and soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. This is the background to life in this great and multifaceted continent.

South America

Cruising to the beat of the music. This is the land of Samba and Tango, a continent in which you can still get a taste of the atmospheres of a lost world. South America is an experience to be lived through the senses; let yourself be swept away by its high spirits and lively culture.

MSC Grand Tour

Discover the riches of the Mediterranean on a fascinating route covered by multiple ships. MSC Grand Tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the exquisite beauty of the Mediterranean at length and in depth. You will live the fabuolus ambiance and comfort of up to four different ships of our cutting-edge fleet.

MSC Grand Voyages

MSC Grand Voyages aren’t just a simple cruise, but an unexpected experience, which will give you the opportunity to visit splendid locations, rich in history and culture, in contact with nature and local traditions. A transatlantic voyage, a journey between the continents, from Europe to the Americas, all the way to Africa and Asia. An MSC Grand Voyages is a present that you can give yourself and your loved ones, to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world and learn about their traditions, without stress and with the comfort and privileges that only a cruise can offer. Because choosing to travel by ship is not just an option, it’s a way of life.

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